How To Win Investors For Your Project Or Business

If you have zero money, but you still want to invest on your business or your project that you think you could profit from it one day, don’t lose hope because I have here some good news for you. Most people would advice that you go loan something from the bank, but let’s face it; sometimes it is not that easy to get approved. Banks could be really strict and they would usually ask a collateral from you. It is all fine and well if you have those, but let’s say what if you don’t have that as well? Are you just going to give up on your dream? I say no.

I have here the best idea that would work for you that in the end, you wouldn’t even have to worry about a debt to pay from anyone nor do you have to think about interest rates if you ever missed a payment. This one is called crowd funding. It’s a genius idea because you won’t need collaterals to show a bank or any lending institution just so they would fund you. This is something that we all could thank the Internet for because without it, this idea won’t even be possible.


It is called crowd funding because you are going to practically ask help from anyone in the world through the Internet. There are websites who support this kind of thing and among them are Kickstarter, IndieGoGo and GoFundMe just to name a few.


how to win investorsAlthough it won’t be as hard as getting funded with the help of banks and other lending institutions,
this one would still require an effort on your part. But it’s going to be fun for you, as it will require your creativity when you pitch your project or business. It could be something that you invented, a music album that you want to release, or a business that would make you sell something really unique and useful. It doesn’t matter as long as you pitch it well, then there’s a huge chance that people would invest in your project.


The rules are different per website, but most of them would require you to upload a video for your pitch. You have to make it interesting and worthy of people’s attention and money as well. It would be best if you share it to your social network and have your friends tell about your page to their friends.


The beauty of crowd funding to start up your business is that people who would invest in your project won’t have to pay so much. You could start with a $5-donation going up. You will also need to give something back to your investors. It doesn’t have to be a huge thing, but for every person who would invest in your project, it is best that you at least send them a token of appreciation.


This is why there is no longer an excuse for anyone not to pursue a business that they want because of technologies like this. Don’t be afraid to start pitching today!

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