Reinventing vinyl: Wheel, a needleless record player

With the advent of digital services, music has become universally accessible. The trend evolved from using 78rpm records to streaming tracks over the Web. With a simple click on the computer or a tap on one’s smartphone, access to millions of songs from hundreds of thousands of artists is possible. All a person really needs is a good Internet connection. However, despite the ubiquity of this multi-billion dollar business, digital music is not what everybody wants. There are still individuals who prefer to listen to classic vinyl records. As a matter of fact, it seems that the traditional way of playing music popular a couple of decades ago is making a comeback.

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Engineers and companies alike have picked up on this trend. That is why they have developed tech where vinyl-lovers can play their favorite tunes. First, there was RokBlok, a portable vinyl record player. Next, there was LOVE, where a stylus was used instead of a wooden block. Now, thanks to the effort of Dutch enthusiasts, “Wheel” is being introduced to the world.

Unlike similar products, Wheel doesn’t make use of a wooden block or a stylus so that individuals can listen to their favorite vinyl. Rather, it’s just a circular platform without any attachments or frills. Supposedly, it is a needle-free record player. So how can it play music? Actually there is a wheel tucked in there. The designers made it in such a way that all of the mechanics are placed inside the platter doing away with any sort of visual disturbances. What the creators had in mind is that they wanted to create a minimalist record player. Surely enough, they achieved it with Wheel.

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The music industry has to constantly capitalize on innovations to keep it appealing to customers, whether mainstream or on specific niches. Indie musicians, major labels, or even music streaming sites know exactly how the current landscape looks. To regular listeners, and even music investors, music is something that will never completely vanish. It is a resilient industry and while it will inevitably have to go through major changes, it will forever have its own place in the economy.

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