Shayarana music – About Us And Our Plans

Shayarana is a Roman Urdu word which means “poetic”

Here at Shayarana Music, music is powerful poetry that is expressed not only in the lyric verse.   Profound thoughts and emotions which cannot be described by words are effortlessly communicated by music.  With music, one person touches the spirit of another without need of translation.

Shayarana Music celebrates music as a potent expression of the beauty of the human spirit.

shayarana music

We are awed by how music can transcend geographic and language barriers.  There can be an infinite combination of melodies, beats and instrumentation in music.   By sampling the music composed and appreciated by any one person, nation or culture, we can learn so much more than we ever can by just talking or reading.

With beautiful music, we can witness the best in man.   Listening to it, we can delight in the unfathomable depth of the human mind with its power to feel, express and create.

Future Plans

We are building our music library with the intent of allowing our visitors to navigate the immense body of musical works through the following user options:

Explore through Genres – There are an innumerable diversity of musical styles, genres and subgenres.  We will try to make it easier for our users as we enable them to explore by musical styles. The two main genres of western and oriental have their subgenres. Rock, jazz, blues, classical, R&B, country, reggae, hip hop, funk, African, electronic are just a few styles under western music.  Oriental music includes Indian, Chinese, Southeast Asian, and oriental pop.

Explore through time – Music has changed through history.  Since the earliest of times, men have expressed themselves through their music compositions.  The ancient Sumerians inscribed their music in the mud of their cuneiform tablets.  Meanwhile, the ancient Greeks left us with the Seikilos Epitaph -the oldest musical composition to have ever been found complete with its musical notations.

“While you live, shine. Have no grief at all.  Life exists only for a short while.  And time demands an end.”  – Seikilos Epitaph

Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 20th and 21st century. These epochs have their own music that characterizes the particular sensitivities of their age.  Music can actually reveal the spirit of each chapter in history.

Our users will be able to explore music based on the time period in which it was composed.

Explore by Geography–  Music differs across nations and their various cultures.  Africa, Byzantium, Asia, Middle East, Persia, Greece, the Pacific Islands.  Our users can travel the world and savor its varied cultures by sampling music according to geography or the nation where it originated.

Explore by Moods and Emotions– Music can also be classified by the moods or emotions it evokes in us.  Joy, mourning, delight, rage, frenzy, calm, heroism, fear.  It would be futile to attempt to curate all the feelings that comprise the entire spectrum of the human psyche.  But we’ll try our best to allow our users to decide what music they listen to based on their chosen mood or emotion.

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